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 "I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear"

- Martin Luther King, Jr.



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The Long and Winding Road - T.J. Klune



I'm savouring this book. Don't want this series to end really.....

Review: Axios by Jaclyn Osborn

Axios: A Spartan Tale - Jaclyn Osborn


My warrior. My lover. My heart. ~


After reading this a week ago, I still can't let this story go.

Few books were able to gut me. And this was one of them. It hurt unbelievabely. And searching for matching pictures just added to the pain.

I’ve never watched the TV series Spartacus but going through some pictures I ran into Andy Whitfield.



And doesn’t he make the most perfect Eryx?? Understanding that he lost the battle of cancer in 2011 makes me bawl like a baby.



Being that this is the most EPIC love story I have read til now, no way am I able to write a worthy review. I do want to post some amazing pictures of these brave Spartacan men with quotes.







”For as long as there is breath in my lungs, I will love you. Only you. And even when I leave this world, I will still belong to you, for my soul will forever seek yous. In both this life and the next.”

~~ Axios







Review: Arrows through Archer by Nash Summers

Arrows Through Archer - Nash Summers



Yeah, I would be happy at such a place too!!! Beautiful.

"I kinda figured. Ace always did seem happiest here in Banff. Wasn’t sure if it was because of the fresh Albertan air or the mountain ranges or the hellish cold in the winter. But now I figure it was because of you.”

This was a story about grief and loneliness. It's about being stuck in your grief and not knowing how to move on.

Archer had to endure a lot. Lost his parents, his brother cast him out of his life. The only person he had in his life was his best friend Danny. Danny was persistent in hawling him out of his misery. He invites him to his hometown Banff for the Thanksgiving holiday. This is were Archer meets Danny's dad Mallory. Mallory has been a widow for years and he's still grieving and lonely.

Being both quiet men, they get along great. Silences between them were never uncomfortable.

When Archer later returns to Banff to recover from a brutal attack, they get to know each other more. But Mallory struggles with their age-gap of 17 years. He's not ready to tell his son.

This is where Archer's POV changed in Mallory's. It was nice seeing the after through Mallory's eyes.

Wonderful to see two men that fit so well together.

I felt that soul-deep connection to him. It was an ethereal sensation of belonging and pride, like his happiness was linked to my own and mine to his.


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A Little Bit Like Love (South Haven  Book 1) - Brooke Blaine


You can tell me all day long to fuck off, to go away, but I'm not going anywhere. I know you don't mean any of those awful things you say, so stop fighting me. Please.


Sjeeesh Lucas!!!

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A Little Bit Like Love (South Haven  Book 1) - Brooke Blaine

It meant something to me. Our friendship. You in my life. It meant everything. And I miss you every goddamn day, Lucas.

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A Little Bit Like Love (South Haven  Book 1) - Brooke Blaine


"I'll beg," he whispered."


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A Little Bit Like Love (South Haven  Book 1) - Brooke Blaine


BR with Julie and Teri.



Review: Red Dirt Heart Imago (Red Dirt #4.5, Imago #2.5) by N.R. Walker

Red Dirt Heart Imago (Red Dirt #4.5, Imago #2.5) - N.R. Walker



I just love all of N.R. Walker's couples . Wonderful seeing Charlie and Travis again!!

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Red Dirt Heart Imago (Red Dirt #4.5, Imago #2.5) - N.R. Walker


Oh good grief!!


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Red Dirt Heart Imago (Red Dirt #4.5, Imago #2.5) - N.R. Walker








Jake & Lawson AND Charlie & Travis!!!


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Axios: A Spartan Tale - Jaclyn Osborn

"In all the ages, there has never been a love like ours. No one has ever loved another as I have loved you. If we fall today, my soul will find yours. For I am eternally yours… in this life and the next."





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Axios: A Spartan Tale - Jaclyn Osborn


If it truly was the end, how did I say goodbye to the man who was the reason for the beating of my heart?

Oh gawd, I'm so scared......

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Axios: A Spartan Tale - Jaclyn Osborn


So Sad...

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Axios: A Spartan Tale - Jaclyn Osborn


Each time we joined, serenity blossomed inside me—one I could find nowhere else. Being connected to Eryx in such an intimate way completed me, as if he had the missing half of my heart and when we united, the two halves met once more.


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Axios: A Spartan Tale - Jaclyn Osborn

"You and I will never part, my warrior. In this life and the next, we will be just as we have forever been: side by side. There is not a thing that can take me from you, neither the slashing of a sword nor the impalement from a spear, for I will always find you.”


Review: Dream of a Waking Man (Tales from Foster High #10) by John Goode

Dream of a Waking Man - John  Goode




*** A copy of Dream of a Waking Man was kindly provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review.



I dunno but after I finish one of John’s books of the Tales from of Foster High, I just need a moment to gather my thoughts.

I agree with Sonia (See Sonia's review) that I think this particular series should be read at High Schools and not only the American ones. Mostly of course for all these LGBT kids. They need to know that they are not alone in this fight but also I’m a strong believer in educating everyone about anything outside of what we know. Stupidity / bigotry comes from this ignorance of not knowing.

I feel it our obligation to educate ALL people to know what it is to be gay in this world, to be marginalized to that extend that we can hide behind our beliefs and not think as them as humans.



Look this boy, this fourteen-year-old boy, in the eyes and tell him why he isn't your equal. Just stare into the camera and tell this kid why he's a second class citizen.”

“Not so easy, is it?”

“You can sit there looking smug and judgmental, but when you have to look the kid in the face it's another matter, right?
This is why there are butchers in the world; if people had to kill their own meat we'd all be vegetarians. This isn't an abstract, ma'am, and it isn't some political game with the winner getting the most points.

~~ Brad



So let’s get on with Kyle & Brad;
I think we all agree we think of this series in the term of ”What would Kyle do?”
And as much as I adore Kyle, I was very impressed with Brad in how he became this amazing grown up. Being this supportive partner to Kyle, understanding and dealing with his craziness , was a pleasure to watch.

John did an amazing good job with these men growing up into the fine men they are today. Their relationship is admirable.

I laughed my ass off seeing how they dealt with each other’s knick-knacks.


See, he knows I'm mad and I'm about to go all Jessica Fletcher on him.
He knows I am about to go all postal on him and he's waiting. So in some weird Kyle logic that's what he wants. If I push it, that gives him permission to get all defensive and move further back away from the topic.

So the answer here is to ignore it.


After being together all of these years, Kyle thinks it’s his turn to support Brad in fulfilling his dream. So he’s taken a step back but Brad is not happy Kyle is not doing what he's supposed to. Not being the boy he fell in love with in high school.

You're my superhero, you know that.”

“I'm not that guy anymore.”

“You're always that guy to me.”

Then Kyle gets this e-mail and it scares him. But this might just be the thing he needs to get him back out there. Brad will push him cause he knows Kyle and Kyle will never be as happy as when he’s out there making the world a better place. So finally Kyle accepts this cry for help from this kid Jackson and goes to Paddington, Texas.



Now I don’t want to spoil much plot wise cause Ya’ll really need to read this book yourself PRONTO. But Kyle and Brad kept me on my feet. What they were doing was great!



BOTH men are doing what they are supposed to. And again we already knew what Kyle was capable off but Brad.... Kyle was as enamoured with Brad as I was.

You're damn right I'm pissed; I'm pissed I wasted all that time talking, when you do it a lot better than I do.” [Kyle]


“Brad, listen to me. You're insanely good at this, I know you want to be a coach and everything, but this, this is your calling. You are making choices that guys with eight years of business school under them would pause at. I've always known you were this guy; I'm just glad other people can see it now.”

“But this is your thing.” I started to argue.

He looked at me like he was ready to slap me.

“My thing? What? Being smart? Being a professional? Being good at my job? If you've been doing this because you think I need to be the smart one or because I like making decisions, you're wrong. I love seeing you like this, love it. I don't want you to follow me, I want you to walk beside me and make these choices with me.”



So yeah, Ya’ll gonna swoon a lot in this book.

We get to be re-introduced with some old friends. Josh and Jennifer. And also my all time-favorite-kinda-guy Robbie with Sebastian.

“He's fine. Please go and soak yourself in turpentine until that smell goes away and scrape your face for Gaga's sake. You look like the world’s youngest lumberjack.”

~ Robbie to Brad

*don’t you just love the guy? ♡♡♡

Rests me to mention the finale…. Cause it then comes full circle for me.
THIS is what Kyle and Brad’s future will and must become. I’m so excited how this will work out.

”Do you want to move back to Foster and 


(show spoiler)

“I want to change things, Brad, really change them."

“Do YOU want to move back to Foster?”

“You know I do, but more importantly, I want you to find your dream and chase it.”

He leaned in and hugged me. “This isn't a dream,” he said, kissing me. “This is me wide awake.


P.S. Sorry Sonia, but I had to end the same way. Cause yeah it was perfect!!

Thanks John for giving us these boys which now have become fine men.




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