Shatter - Rinda Elliott, Jocelynn Drake

*4,5 stars*

OMG Snow and Jude were awesome!!! I loved everything about this book. I love the relationships these four brothers have. The first installment was about Lucas and Andrei. I was glad to see their relationship deepen in this book. It was great having more background about these guys. I feel like we’re getting more in every book.

But this is Snow’s story. Snow/Ashton Frost is this trauma surgeon. He doesn’t do relationships, just one-night-stands. And his eye has fell on Jude, the handsome paramedic for a long time. But he isn’t worthy of this man even if it was in his book to get involved with someone from work.



Jude has noticed him for quite some time now and is determined to get his hands on dr. Frost. And when he finally does he seems to know exactly what Snow needs and that isn’t what Snow had in mind at all.


“These feelings and emotions swamped him. Years of hidden hopes and dreams… and that joy… that devastating and.. so very, very new joy… came and it took Snow out of himself long enough to feel truly connected to someone else for the first time in his life.”

“I want more with you”

“I want it all.”

I was sorry for what happened to Rowe but we already know we're going to get his story too. So he's sure get his own HEA!!

The mystery was great within. And it had a lot to do with Ian.
I can’t wait for Ian’s story!!!