A Mended Man

A Mended Man - Jaime Reese
BR with the Dutch Girls. (Susan, Wendy and Karlijn)

*4,5 stars*

Boy, did these men had to work hard for their HEA. This is the fourth book of the series The Men of Halfway House. I wanted so to read Aidan and Jessie’s story!!!

Aidan was Hunter’s (Cam’s boy-toy) best friend. We already knew he was a very troubled man. He meets Jessie as Hunter’s assistant and immediately he finds that Jessie gives him peace and keeps him grounded. But because of his past he’s afraid to commit, to even dream of having an intimate relationship!

Jessie has his own skeletons. I admired Jessie so much for his strength, his refusal to let what had happened to him define his future!!


It took a lot of patience and understanding to have Aidan let his guards down. He needed to learn to talk and make baby steps to letting himself be loved.

"I've waited almost two years for that."

"I've waited a lifetime."


I really enjoyed this book. I loved to see Aidan making these baby steps. Sometimes they were even Olympic-sized leaps.
It was stunning to see this big, important man relying on this smaller man Jessie!

"How do you do that? How do you manage to make me feel as if I can get through anything?

It's you, Jess. That's all you. You're the one who's taught me anything is possible."

I didn’t feel at all that Jessie’s problems were brushed off!! He obviously had a lot of counseling and he’s just one of those people that always look at the bright sight of life.
Jessie was just what Aidan needed and vice versa.

Sometimes it’s the ones we don’t expect that are the strong ones!!


I wonder if there will be more books of this series. Cause I sure can read more of Matt and Julian, Cam and Hunter, Cole and Ty and obviously Jessie and Aidan!!