Acrobat - Mary Calmes
description - Narrator: Sean Crisden

*3,5 stars*

As review of this book I will quote some of the witty things that was said by my fellow GR friends.
I had so much fun reading these reviews. They were almost more fun than reading the actual book.

The book really was a “It’s the Everybody Loves Nate Show.”

“Sweet amusing, cute hot and well made 'feel-good' & 'forget-reality' M/M reading”

Nate was great. Blablabla
I mean, the man was living 4 years next door to Dreo. He practically raised his nephew. And all of a sudden Dreo declares his love to him and they become lovers and plan to live together within 2 days.

No writer can get away with such a concept but Mary. *shrugs*

Let’s just skip to the awesome part!!!


“ti amo, tu sei tutta la mia vita!”

“Sei così bello….”

Sean Crisden doing Dreo’s voice was… uhhhhmm yes.yes.yes.

So ... the only thing I'm going to say is, "Do you have chocolate brown eyes that turn black with lust when you wanna fuck me on a bathroom floor?"



See, funny these reviews... haha

That’s it folks.

Cheesy, utterly ridiculous Mary Calmes crack!!!