Beyond the Sea

Beyond the Sea - Keira Andrews
BR, tonight with Susan, Wendy and Karlijn

*4,5 stars*

I dunno but I kept seeing Christopher Atkins… And that is not a bad thing.


Conveniently I just forgot all about Brooke!!

This was lovely story. I loved that Brian and Troy made the best of the situation and really became great friends. Concerned about each other and very afraid that either one of them would die and they’d be all alone on the island.


The guys had a great connection which happend to flow into a physical one. Both of them coming to terms with that, thinking that they’re bi-sexual.
Anyway as they expressed enough to each other. It wasn’t about labels.

He realized the difference wasn’t just about Brian being a man. Man or woman didn’t matter - it was about trusting Brian with every part of him.
It was about being free to finally be himself.

Although I realise they were around each other 24/7, they've known each other pretty well, I would’ve loved to see them developing this new relationship more. I could easily have read some more about the two.

We did get an epilogue though and that was great seeing them so happy and living their lives together!!

*Highly recommended*