Spencer Cohen, Book Two

Spencer Cohen, Book Two - N.R. Walker
BR, March 17th with Julie

*3,5 "I hate you, No, you don't." – stars*

Loved the first installment!!! Andrew and Spencer are heading to being one of my favorite couples.

Having said that, I’m feeling a bit disillusioned…..
Probably my own fault by having such high expectations with this book. I loved their connection in the first book. Their feelings were all over the place. And in this book they were just all over each other, all the time......


There were parts I liked very much. Andrew was this shy guy in the first book and he seems to take more initiative. Spencer, being never been in a relationship isn’t doing that bad. Insists they work through their disagreements.

I really love their connection and I feel that they are perfect for each other.

“(…) but the realisation I was capable of such a powerful emotion, such an all-encompassing, soul-rendering emotion. And, that I was deserving of it too.”

So, instead of treating this as a series, I’ll treat this last installment as part III of a full-length novel and re-read the first 2 parts to get in the groove.

I have every hope that NR Walker will knock me off my socks this last installment.