Finley - Ella Frank
*5 I-love-my-teacher stars*


This was everything I hoped for!! It had incredible UST, lovable characters and a wonderful romance.


We were introduced to Daniel Finley in the Temptation Series. The hot lawyer that hit on Tate and Logan. He didn’t make big friends with them for that reason. So I was intrigued for his story.

The book starts when a 30 year old Finley receives a letter from home.

"It's time to come home, Finn."

It’s from his longtime-no-see lover Brantley. Brantley was Finn’s teacher at the University. Finn fell in love with his teacher instantly and stalked Brantley for his attention. Brantley tries to resist him for obvious reasons but is not able to resist the young Finn. They have a relationship for a few years when Brantley decides it is in Finn’s best interest for him to study Law in Chicago. He forces Finn to leave.

The story picks up after 7 years and Finn has become a changed man. He is resentful and is always keeping everyone at arm’s length.

“I hate what you did to us. I hate that you chose how we should end. And I fucking hate that you decided that my life was better off without you.”

But after receiving Brantley’s letter he decides to go home to Florida and once and for all get Brantley out of his system.

I loved the little flash backs.. They gave a good impression how their relationship worked in the beginning. Brantley, the experienced man with the young unexperienced and cocky Finn.
Seven years later we see their roles reversed. Finn is in charge and Brantley likes it.


Finn decides to stay with Brantley for two weeks and then the two of them will pick up their lives separately.
That’s rationally but they discover their feelings for each other never went away.

“He didn’t care if he was the one laying his soul open first. Didn’t care that he was handing his heart over to the man currently embracing him. All he cared about was getting as close to Daniel as he could, for as long as he could.”

Loved, loved this book!!!


And I’m so happy to hear about Derek and Jordan’s story!!

Devil's Kiss



Isn't Finley the lawer that hit on Tate and Logan??? Yes?
Who cares.... I'll read it.