Charmed: Episode Five

Charmed: Episode Five - Nicholas Bella, Heidi Ryan
Bellaholic BR with Julie.

*4,5 stars*

I loved this!!! So much Raphael and Brian. ♡♡♡

Brian's not there yet, he has not entirely embraced his bonding with Raphael but he'll get there.

"The intimacy we shared, no matter how physical, always seemed to make me feel like out bond was growing stronger.
I needed to stay focused, because it was easy to become distracted when I had these emotions."


Also Brian's turning into his demon-side was awesome!! I'll be looking forward in seeing more of that.
And there will be more, I'm sure. Brian is going to kick ass with Raphael on his side!

With a lot of concentration, I felt my skin shift and my teeth grow sharper in my mouth. I could feel the pointy tips against my lip, so I knew I was in full demon form.
I also felt the shift. Something within me felt darker when my demon-self was present.


I like how this series is developping!! Now, it's waiting again.....