Shifting Gears

Shifting Gears - Riley Hart
This was good but honestly I think I liked the first one better!!

Landon and Rod are both suffering from some "daddy issues". Both of them feeling unworthy of being loved

In the beginning sex was all they could do but as time went by their relationship became more as they said they shifted gears.


I loved Rod. Rod was funny. He was introduced in Crossroads #1. Nick and Bryce met him when he worked in a sexshop.
He was now the owner of the shop and that where he met Landon.
It was great seeing Bryce and Nick being so happy with each other.

I felt more of a connection with Rod. I couldn't quite connect with Landon. He was a bit too whiny for my taste.

All in all a good story and hope the series will continue. Hopefully Justin's story will be next.

"That's life isn't it? It's like you said, all we can do is ride it out, live it and see what happens."