The Spencer Cohen Series, Book One

The Spencer Cohen Series, Book One - N.R. Walker
BR with Paul.

*4,5 "N'then there was you" stars*

This book made me so happy!! This series is going to be awesome.

I wanna have a Spencer. He was so sweet and so vulnerable.


Spencer is this Australian guy you go to when you’ve broken up with your boyfriend. Spencer is the guy that helps couples get back together again.

So, he meets his new client, Andrew. And they hit it off immediately as friends. They have a lot in common and Spencer realizes he’s falling hard for Andrew. But the confusing thing is he still needs to help Andrew to win his ex back.

Andrew and Spencer were great.. I loved their looks, their amazement about each other. But I could feel there was more under the surface for Spencer. Deep down he’s not that jolly ole man. He’s been hurt…..

And then the ending. It had me bawling actually and I’m so looking forward for more of Andrew and Spencer!!

“He let go of my hand so he could put his arm around me, and he pulled me against him. That warm, safe place I hadn’t felt in years.
“N’then there was you,” I mumbled.