The Invasion of Adam

The Invasion of Adam - Claire  Davis, Al  Stewart
*4,5 stars*

I really like this series. Beautiful writing!!

Love Tork and I'm warming up to Adam.

Tork is not homeless anymore and he's trying to get his life in order. But this doesn't come easy.

All these things he needs to unwrap. A water kettle, his bed, all make him feel anxious as if it means he's staying.
As long he doesn't open anything, he can still slip away...

Tork's and Adam's interaction is so sweet. Tork's ways makes Adam nearly nice and friendly and Adam makes Tork feel courageous.
He so wants to be the boyfriend Adam deserves. So he tries, tries really hard to push through his anxiety!
But he still has relapses, he returns to the garage, he panics.

But then there's Adam...

"Shut the fuck up. Your college form? First you tell me you have a phone, and now college? Tork, just wait right there. I am coming over.
Clearly there's some kind of apocalypse going on, and you need me there to protect you."

I would love some more Tork and Adam


"You're the best thing that ever happened to me. You know that, right?"
"Me too," Tork whispered. "You are my happy Christmas and my heart."