Humbug - Joanna Chambers
Christmas read with Sonia and Paul (12th X-mas read 2015)

*4,5 stars*

I love a good Scrooge story!! This is what Christmas is all about.
Coming to our senses that nothing is that important as spending time with our loved ones.

Quinn is being an ass of a boss, not giving his collegues a breather from time to time.
When Marley, his superior confiscates his phone and he's not able to work, he is confronted with himself and what others think of him.

I stared out into the night and forced myself to face an uncomfortable truth: that my job - my single-minded determination to reach the top at Quicks - had turned me into someone I didn't like.
Someone no one really seemed to like....


Quinn is shocked hearing his friends speaking of him a certain way and decides it is enough.
Even he doesn't like who he is.

I loved that Rob was so good for him.

He actually loved the very thing about me that had made me a shitty boyfriend to Ben and a thoughless boss and a career-obsessed dickhead.
I had a obsessive nature. I just needed someone to keep me on the right track.