Leland's Final Gift

Leland's Final Gift - Thianna Durston
Christmas read with Sonia and Paul (13th X-mas read 2015)

*4,5 call me Kinder stars*

Geeez, I was bawling the whole time!!! It was great.

After 3 years Thane is still grieving the loss of his man on Christmas Eve.
Leland (his ghost) visists him every year to help him through these especially hard times.


Except Thane isn't moving on with his life. Leland decides to give chance a help.
Thane's new neighbour Jessie suffers from a concussion and Thane helps him to the emergency room.

What follows are some sweet coincidences, Jessie and red grapefruits....

Fuck it. He might be depressed, but there was no way he was going to let Jessup's holiday be ruined due to moving circumstances. If the man wanted a grapefruit, a grapefruit he would get.


"Can I call you Kinder"? It just that everyone calls you Thane.
And I really like your first name."