Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes - Cate Ashwood
BR, October 27th with Momo and Julie.

*3,5 stars*


Maybe it's because I've read two happy, sappy books in a row but this didn't really work for me!!!
I would've loved them hating each other a bit longer!! Call me crazy.

Rush being incredibly rude to West. He doesn't like West's wealth and hates that West bought his parents vineyard "Lenox Hill"

First Rush is angry at West for risking the place because he thinks West has this romantic idea about owning a vineyard.
Besides working on his own Christmas Tree farm, Rush decides to help West in the vineyard to get everything sorted out before harvest.

So far so good. They still hate each other!! The sexual tension was tangible....


West begins to love the "California lifestyle" and tending the grapes, not having to work 100 hours a week.
Rush comes to see that West is not that spoiled as he thought. And a romance starts between the two.

They were just too lovey dovey too quick for me....
But overall, a decent, fun read.

"Are you sure there's nothing else you want to keep?" Rush asked ...

West smiled at him ... "Nope. Just you. That's all I need."