Borrowing Trouble

Borrowing Trouble - Kade Boehme
BR, October 21th with Momo, Susan, Julie and Nathan.

*4,5 stars*

“Borrowed trouble. Worth it.”

Very nice and quick reed.


Jay, 36 years old, recently divorced with two teen children decides to return home. He meets Landon again at his job at the sawmill. They knew each other when they were younger. Landon was 12 years old the last time Jay saw him. Jay was 19 years old at that time.

They hit it off again and become good friends. Landon is secretly crushing on his “straight” friend Jay. After Jay learns that Landon is actually gay, things get somewhat complicated because Jay is developing all these feelings for Landon. Some of his suppressed memories come back to Jay. Is he really that straight as he always thought?

I loved their honesty to each other. Jay is struggling with his new feelings. They start exploring things between them and Landon was very patient with Jay.

He lost it. That door in his mind he’d been shutting off, the one he hadn’t even known was closed, blew off the fucking hinges and all those synapses fired….

“I didn’t know.”

There wasn’t really much drama and angst. Apart from one scene with the ex-wife that Jay handled quite nicely. The men were able to talk as actual grownups.

Man, did I love Jay!!! It was awesome seeing Jay figuring out his feelings for Landon and daring to have this new future with him.

In Landon’s arms, Jay’s eyes started to leak, some from sadness for the man who’d been locked away all these years in his head, some from the happiness he’d found this when he’d not even known he’d needed it.


Great friends-to-lovers story!