Loving Hector

Loving Hector - John Inman
BR with Julie and Marte.

Nope… This didn’t work for me!! The instalove, the “love-you’s” within three days...

I’m not a big fan of this kind of humor. It felt so forced :(


- Your boyfriend is being kidnapped, you discover where he is held. You come to rescue him together with your bosslady, your co-worker and your horny “newly-discovered-gay” grandfather.
- Your boyfriend needs to pee…

“Dill giggled, and always pleased to help, took Hector’s cock out of Hector’s numb little fingers and gave it the final shake himself. Then he gave it another shake. He longed to do more, but this wasn’t the time. Hopefully later, if they were still alive, he’d take another crack at it.”



It's probably just me and I'm sure most of the people reading this book will love this, so I won't be joining the popular table.