Afterglow - Kora Knight
* 3,5 Shy Boy stars *

I just love these guys!! Loved them coming together in the last installment so this was just the cherry on top!!


These are playful guys who obviously have fun pushing each other’s buttons, playing games…
So this time, who knew a game of pool could be so hot and kinky??

“I love it, too… Everything… You.” Winding his arms around Scott’s neck, he exhaled and gave a squeeze. “Thank you. For finding me. And waking me up. Not sure you realize what you’ve given me.”

This has been a great journey and I’m excited to get Max’s story!!

So, Tad and Scott… toi.toi.toi


“I know, shy boy… Kinda feels like magic… ‘Cause I’m loving you just as bad.”

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