Signs of Life

Signs of Life - Melanie Backe-Hansen
BR, September 28th with Julie, Momo and Susan.

3,5 stars

The first 10% was devastating!! There is so much a man can handle..

Then after 2 years Jeremy meets Kai. Kai, living with enough baggage of his own. Jeremy feels it is time to start living again but is still scared to give himself to a person.



Kai was very patient with him from the start. Giving Jeremy time to handle his past and deal with the future again.



Kai has this friend, Loren he has become dependent off. His “emotionally secure-blanket”.
Although Jeremy was acting like an ass in the beginning to Kai because he was scared, I could forgive him for that. But when things got serious between Jeremy and Kai, Kai made this decision to not talk to Jeremy because not wanting to burden the man more!! Not a smart move to not get emotionally involved with your partner!

“You say you love me, but yet he’s the one getting to dry your tears. He’s the one getting to hold you when you’re hurting, getting to comfort you. He’s always going to be the one you turn to when it counts, isn’t he?

Thankfully Kai sees his mistake quickly, they connect again and we get a very nice epilogue.

Wrapping his arm around Kai, pulling the man he loved close to him, all Jeremy could think was...

it’s worth it.

And we get to see Jase and Carrey again!

I’m happy to know the third installment will be about Loren. I loved Loren. He was a very good friend,so I would love to see him get some happiness of his own.