Manipulation - Nicholas Bella
I liked this one very much. I even liked Marco at times!!! Im sure Marco has this soft spot for our Noel.

“You bit off my fucking nipple!” he growled at me. “I thought you liked it rough,” I retorted.

“I do, that move was underhanded and brilliant. I told you to figure it out and you did, by any means necessary .

That is how you need to fight. Vampires don’t play by any rules except the rules of survival. Eye gouge, dismemberment, weapons… it’s all fair game.

I'm loving Noel more and more!! Great to see, he has totally embraced his future as a vampire and is getting more confidence every day!!

Théoden is such a SOB but I love his attitude and his protective feelings for his family (sons and grandsons).


The variety in characters is awesome. Bruce and his son Ryan are some dirty mofo's

With Dante and Elijah submitted finally with their masters, this is going to be interesting!!

But where are the dragons????