Fit to be Tied

Fit to be Tied - Mary Calmes
BR, September 19th with Susan and Tara.

OMG what did I just read? I sure didn’t read a fluffy Mary Calmes novel!!!

This had definitely Hannibal the Cannibal vibes…


Gawd, just looking at that pic, freaks me out….

It was AWESOME!! I so did not expect this!!!

The action from our marshals was exciting. I loved every part of it!!

And Miro and Ian…..Their love for each other felt so intense…

“What the fuck, Ian? I’m your partner. Before anything else, I’m the guy who - ”
“No!” he roared. “Before anything else you’re my life, you stupid prick!”


I must have another sequel and see them married, cause that’s what Ian promised…..

“We’ll talk about WHEN, not IF anymore."

As soon as the audio is released I'll re"listen" it again!! I really missed Tristan James narrating Miro and Ian!!