Hunted - Nicholas Bella
Good lord, this chapter was hot.....

This series gets better and better. I'm amazed about the author's ability to keep me "interested" in reading all of these sex scenes.
You would think by the amount of sex scenes, you would get bored in time?? I mean, these vampires feed of blood but of sex ALL THE TIME!!!
But I beg to differ!! Everytime I think I've seen it all, I'm proven wrong.... This series is like crack.

My favorite scene was Noel's embracing Romeo! I love the connection these two already have. I'm sure some pretty hot times will await for us.

Romeo was mine, my child. My blood birth him into his vampire life. For a split second, I thought about holding back.
I didn’t ask Romeo if he wanted me to fuck him, but then I remembered what Théoden said to me.
I was not his friend. I was his Sire, and he was to serve me.

my review of Series II