Negotiations - Nicholas Bella, Heidi Ryan
The negotiations are clear... Théoden needs to achieve strong alliances with the werewolves as with the dragons!!

Théoden's meeting with Tylendel, the dragon is.... Well let's just say, Théoden "received" enough to feed his dragon!! pheeuw

Marco and Noel continue their training.
Noel still needs punishments and Marco is just the guy to give it to him. *cringes*

But I love Noel's connection with Théoden.

"I knew my place and I crawled in and settled next to Théoden, letting him wrap his arm around me.
I felt it, our connection. I had been feeling it every time, but only now did it become more apparent.
Maybe because now it made sense. I also realized I liked the feeling of him being beside me, sheltering me, desiring me.

This is my life"

my review of Series II