Tequila Mockingbird

Tequila Mockingbird - Rhys Ford, Tristan James Mabry
BR, August 21th with Tara and Susan.

description - Narrator: Tristan James

I just love these Night in Shining Armor stories!!


Forest was adorable… Strong because of the childhood he’d gone through. He just needed someone/a family to love him unconditionally..

“I feel like every time you touch me, I smear it on you - this stinky, oily me I can’t ever wash off. You’re so fucking good, Con. Sometimes it hurts to touch you, because it’s like I’m holding onto the sun. And I hate feeling like that - hating myself because I’m scared to touch you - scared to - love you.

And his prince, Connor and the Morgan family he got!!


“I’d be happy to have any of your power, any of that strength, smeared on me. Touching you- is incredible, but loving you, Forest mine, makes me feel invincible.”

This series gets better and better, thanks to imo to the narrator Tristan James… These Irish voices he did were fantastic!!

I’m looking forward in reading Quinn’s story.. And then the Sinner’s Gin will be complete again!