An American Homo in Paris

An American Homo in Paris - Vanessa North
This was far too short!! I would’ve loved to read more of Benji and Ziri…

Benji followed his boyfriend to Paris. Being homesick all the time and lonely by not having any interaction with anyone, he is forced to go home to America because his cheating boyfriend doesn’t want to be with him anymore.

During his last night, he meets the cute French man Ziri. Ziri suggests to go sightseeing, to show Benji some of Paris. The parts of Paris his ex-boyfriend never bothered to take him to…..


The kiss stretched on, earning them whistles from other people nearby. Ziri was sure he heard a couple of camera clicks.
He didn’t care. He had an armful of his sassy American.

Benji broke away, breathless. “I owe you two more. I said his name once after you left.”

This story is a free story from Goodreads M/M Romance Group (MM Romance Group - Love is an Open Road Stories 2015)

Picture and prompt;
The Eiffel Tower looms in the background as two men kiss in the foreground of the black and white image.


Dear Author,

I came to Paris 9 months ago, with my now ex-boyfriend. City of Love, my ass. Now I’m sitting here in this café near the Eiffel Tower, sipping the cheapest coffee they had on the menu, heartbroken and unsure of my next steps.

Without a place to live, no job, not much money left in the bank, and speaking only a little French, I guess it’s time to put my tail between my legs and head back home to Bumfuck, Idaho.


I’d like to see the break-up, the heartbreak, and the scene in the café, leading up to a new romance with a handsome French man, that includes the picture prompt in some fashion, and a HFN/HEA. Names, ages, etc, even hometown, are all up to you. I’d like sexy times but they shouldn’t be taking over the story. I’m open to pretty much anything other than hardcore BDSM. Sex can be sweet or hot or both.

Thank you!!


Genre: contemporary
Tags: teacher, writer, social media, travel, dare/bet, blogging, HFN, infidelity
Word Count: 10,027