Sutphin Boulevard

Sutphin Boulevard - Santino Hassell
*3,75 Nunzio stars*

There were parts of this book I loved. Other parts not so much. I loved Nunzio. Everyone could use a Nunzio in their lives. He was always positive and uplifting.


Michael on the other hand was a Debbie downer. I didn’t like being in his head very much. I find it difficult to deal with people who insist putting themselves down all the time. If it was because of his upbringing or just a character thing?? Who knows…


Michael and Nunzio have known each other for 20 years. They have shared everything and are even teaching at the same school. After one night of passionate sex, everything changes. Michael has difficulties coming to grip with his new awakening feelings for Nunzio. He’s scared that this friends-with-benefits relationship with Nunzio will fuck up their relationships as purely friends.

After his mother’s death Michael struggles with feelings about guilt and even after his abusive and alcoholic father passes away, Michael really spirals out of control. It’s interesting to witness we can change/become the very person we have loathed all of our life.

Michael eventually hits rock bottom and is finally able to truly see Nunzio.

“At my best and worst, Nunzio had always seen me. What I wanted, what I needed, and the fact that we belonged together. He’d known all along, and I was just catching up.

It had taken two decades but we had finally made it, and nothing would ever again keep us apart."

Second book of the series Sunset Park is about Raymond, Michaels brother. I’m looking forward in reading about his love interest with David. I liked their flirtations already in this book!