The History of Us

The History of Us - Nyrae Dawn
BR, June 21st with Momo.

This is the second MM book I’ve read of Nyrae Dawn. I really like her MF books and nails them everytime but somehow for me something misses in the MM novels. But I cheer her on in doing so!!

I liked the characters Bradley and TJ very much. Although I understand this is YA, I would’ve loved to see some more smexy times between these two. They were very sweet together but they are 18 years old!! They should’ve been all over each other….


At the beginning of the road-trip Bradley was uncomfortable with himself. He was out to his friends and his family was okay with it. Still he didn’t know who to “act” gay and was almost ashamed of it.

It was interesting to read these stories about different gay people. Some were heartbreaking.. These stories helpt Bradley coming to grip with his feelings of being gay.

"I look over at TJ. It’s because of him that I’m here. Because of him that I realize I’m okay with being me. Because of him that I’m finally starting to live with my eyes open the way I told him I wanted to do."

Nice, cute epilogue at the end... So very nicely done!!

I would recommend this to Young Adults!!!


Two boys and a roadtrip.. Sounds good to me!!