fawn - Nash Summers
Good grief… This was beautiful…

“He wasn’t from this world, this blood-haired boy. He was from a fantasy where faeries and pixies danced through the woods and slept in dewy beds of twigs and petals.”


Ancel would never look at me the way I looked at him. But it wasn’t because he couldn’t, it was because he’d never let himself.

The parts of Ancel with what he went through were very difficult for me to read. And that he left so many times...
I need to pick up the pieces of my heart!!!

“Why didn’t you… come to me?” I struggled with my words.
Ancel tilted his head back toward the sky. “Because you hadn’t forgiven me yet. I knew that when you were ready, you’d come here, and find the letters. And I’d be waiting for you.”


This story is a free story from Goodreads M/M Romance Group (MM Romance Group - Love is an Open Road Stories 2015)

Picture and prompt

The backs of two teenage boys holding hands, one slightly leaning in toward the other. They’re walking through a field, illuminated by the sunlight in front of them. Around them are tall grasses and yellow stalks of wheat.


Dear Author,

The guy on the left finds everything beautiful. Creepily so. He makes art out of road kill, writes love letters to people he’s never met, and stares incessantly at pretty men without them ever noticing. He spotted the guy on the right walking his dog through fields, and made him his newest object of affection. Only problem was, when he started staring at this guy, he stared back.



Genre: contemporary
Tags: first time, hurt/comfort, men with pets, reunited, slow burn/ust, bullying
Content Warnings: some non-sexual child abuse, verbal and physical, to one MC when in his teens
Word Count: 26,376