The Geek and His Artist

The Geek and His Artist - Hope Munoz Ryan
BR, July 1st with Paul.

3,5 stars

This was cute. This was great. And also a bit like a fairy tale….

I loved the boys. I loved how Simon and Jimmy discover each other. Jimmy was “secretly” checking his “Artist” alias Simon out for weeks. And without Jimmy knowing, Simon was doing the same with his “Geek”.

Simon needs help in tutoring and this is how he meets Jeremy. They are instantly smitten with each other. Jimmy discovers the nightmare Simon is living in, with this very abusive father!! It was horrific to read and I felt so sorry for Simon.

Jimmy tries to convince Simon to come live with him but Simon is scared. After one night when Simon is hospitalized for broken bones, he finally gives in. Jimmy’s family was great to take Simon in.. I loved the sister.

The love-story was sweet but developed very quickly for my taste…. But I just forgot their ages and went with the flow.


"I look forward to having many more years with you. I love you so much, Jimmy. You have given me so much, made me feel safe when I never thought I would again, shown me love, and given me a family I had never dared hope to have. I hope I give you even a fraction of the joy and love you give me."

Your artist

And so this story gets a sweet, happy end..