A Way Back To Then

A Way Back To Then - Robert Halliwell
BR, June 5th (release-day) with Paul, Sonia, Julie and Momo

4,25 stars

First of all, I want to compliment the author Robert Halliwell for doing such a good job in portraiting the voice of Robbie. The Robbie, John Goode introduced and made us love in the Tales of Foster High series.

Robbie was just as I imagined him to be and I loved reading more about him..
I hurt for him for losing Riley the way he did. How do you come back from experiencing something like that..

So, in the last installment of Foster High, Robbie returns home to Long Island/New York. With the help of his family he tries to make something of his future again..

I absolutely adored Robbie’s family. His mom, sister and his uncle were such loving people and were determined to help Robbie get on his feet again!!

And then he met Sebastian… Sebastian which I thought was a perfect match for Robbie. Sebastian was very different than Riley but Robbie had changed also, so it made sense for me that Sebastian was “the guy” for Robbie.





My favorite quote that teared me up also!!

"Riley was the prince on the white horse whom I needed to get me out of the life I was in years ago. While Foster wasn’t a shiny castle, I didn’t want anything else. We rarely argued and he gave me anything I wanted, whether material or not. There wasn’t much I wanted, but I was happy to know the offer was always there.

Then he left me.

I had nothing.

The castle was empty and the glass slipper had shattered into a thousand pieces.

After some time, I tidied up the castle and fixed that damn shoe all by myself. Except I never put it back on, but instead locked it in the highest tower to prevent it from being broken ever again.

When I moved back here to the provincial town I grew up in, I didn’t want anything to do with anyone except my family, and I certainly didn’t want to find love.

Especially with the guy who looked like he should be delivering ice to the local royalty.

Sebastian is exactly what I need.
He’s a big teddy bear with a body like a guardian of the galaxy. He has never disrespected me and has never taken any of my bullshit either.

Sebastian has never been jealous or uncomfortable if my sister or mother mention Riley during a conversation.
He knows I had a life before him, and he knows what Riley meant to us all.
He has never made any attempt to make us think that he’s better than Riley or that he’s here to fill the holes in our hearts.

He’s Sebastian and he’s different. He isn’t here to impress anyone and that’s what makes him so impressive.

Robbie deserved his Happily Ever After and I’m happy he will get it!! I do hope though to see more of Robbie and Sebastian in the following installments!!