Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland - Heidi Cullinan
(5th Xmas read 2015 with Paul)

I liked this one the best!! No people were more perfect for each other than Kyle and Paul.

Kyle was adorable. All his life he’s been treated as a child and Paul is also afraid to get involved with a 25 year old. But Kyle is no ordinary 25 year old. His whole teenage years he’d been crushing on Paul and when Paul and Arthur break up, Kyle sees this as his chance to make sure Paul is his.



He makes his intentions clear by leaving certain snow sculptures on his front porch.


Paul is a contradiction in how he looked like, a bear and what he needed from a partner. Kyle was able to give him exactly what he needed. A place to let go…

“When had he become such a mess that getting exactly what he wanted most terrified him enough he tried to send it away?”



Paul runs and Kyle follows and makes him understand. I really loved their dynamics. Paul really has this baggage. His family that keeps criticising him for being who he is has made him the man scared to trust his feelings.

Kyle’s family was awesome. I loved his devotion to his twin sister Linda Kay who has Downs-syndrome. Kyle’s profession being a nurse in a nursing home, his need to take care of people had me in tears a few times.

In short this book is about family. Especially choosing a new family we are not born into. It’s about hope and love.

“When you’re done being by yourself, you come find me, okay? You come be with me. I’ll be your family. For as long as you’ll have me.”