The Power

The Power - Jennifer L. Armentrout
BR, February 27th with Momo.

I loved this even better that the first!! I even love Josie and Seth more than Alex and Aiden.
And wasn't it great them coming over from afterlife to come and help with the violence at the Covenant University and the fight with the Titans.

I'm not going to say much about the plot cause there's already so much said about this. But some characters; Apollo. Man, you annoy me with your impecable timing. geeeeez
And what's this with treating Alex more like your daughter while your REAL daughter Josie is yearning for some attention!! uggggh

This installment is full of action and at one point the help of Hercules was introduced. What a duce that demi-god is...

“I see you all know who I am,” Hercules said. “Not that I’d expect anything else. After all, I am THE Hercules.”


And finally (when Apollo wasn't around) some hotness between Josie and Seth. ♡♡♡


That ending. Gods.....
Josie is going after him and I can't wait what Jennifer Armentrout has up her sleeves for this last installment. I can't wait.

“About the fact that I’m immortal and you’re not,” I explained, grinning when his brows inched up. “But I’m going to fix that.”