Cronin's Key II

Cronin's Key II - N.R. Walker
BR, May 22th Release-day with Julie, Marte, Paul and Marco

* 3,5 stars *


I actually liked this one better than the first one, so I’m going to down-rate (is that a word?) Cronin #1 to 3 stars because IMO I don’t think I could rate Cronin #2 with 4 stars!

I liked that the info dump (excusez le mot) was lesser than Cronin #2.

I enjoyed Alec and Cronin very much!!

"Rug mi ort, m'cridhe."
I have you, my heart.

Although Cronin growled a lot, I loved it…. I loved Cronin’s “mine.mine.mine” behavior!!


“I hate that you must endure this.”
Alec sat up straight and pulled back a little so he could look into Cronin’s eyes. “I know you do. But Cronin, it doesn’t matter what I have to go through. As long as I get you forever, then it’ll all be worth it.”

A happy sigh for the ending…. That was perfection!! image image it…

So, hope to read more of Alec and Cronin, now that Alec has become a vampire