For Real

For Real - Alexis  Hall
BR, June 1st Release-day with Susan.

I really loved the first 75%!! I loved Toby, his witiness. I even felt for Laurie. Laurie being so afraid to love again.
But then it got so repetitive!!

This book was just too fricking long…. The guys were getting on my nerves.
Toby wasn't believable anymore in his dominance role, he was getting insecure all the time... Because of course, you're 19 years old!! You're not supposed to have your whole life figured out yet. And Laurie.., I just didn't get him anymore!

And quite honestly, this BDSM thing… I just don’t get it.


“Thank you for the pain. Thank you for letting it mean so much to you. Thank you for believing I’m beautiful. Thank you for making me feel so powerful. Thank you for loving me. Thank you. Thank you.”

I can understand it gives pleasure to completely surrender yourself to another, to trust someone 100% with your body. I can even find that sexy. But I just don’t understand getting so aroused by intentionally hurting someone or letting someone degrade you!!

“I love this, I fucking love it. I love that I’m hurting him, and I love him.”

All in all, this book was a disappointment for me!!

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