Carry the Ocean

Carry the Ocean - Heidi Cullinan
Quite frankly I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed... This was amazing. The characters Emmet and Jeremey were absolutely captivating!!

I had so much admiration for Emmet. How he was able to live (thrive) in his disability!! A lot he was taught by his parents and also his doctor. But still, he gave me a lot to think about.
How little I knew about autismn..

And then his eye fell on Jeremey. Jeremey suffering from severe depression and clinic anxiety. I had a hard time with Jeremey. I shread quite some tears for him.
Imagine growing up with such shitty parents that give you the feeling you're not normal...

What is normal?

"There is no normal, not really. Not a right and wrong way to be. But there is belonging.
I belonged. I belonged as much as anybody on the mean."


I understand the sequel will be about David, my favorite "bully". Can't wait to read his story.
Even if David was mean in the beginning, I loved how he was able to give Jeremey a sense of purpose.
And his eventually friendship with Emmet was awesome.

"Please be my friend even if I'm a jerk. Hit me."

"I can't hit you. Hitting is wrong. I could make a sign and teach you.
A sign that means, "David, you're a jerk and need to stop right now"

"They have one of those already. It's called your middle finger."

*Thank you Heidi for educating me!!!