Falling - Barbara Elsborg

I’m exhausted…

This book had every incident you can think of; going to prison innocent, stalking, homophobia, greed, stalking, vandalism and let’s not forget very graphic sex-scenes!! Cause Barbara Elsborg sure can write those. They were needy of each other but I never felt it was too much. They obviously needed each other, to touch each other…

It was a sad, angsty ride. Reading about the after effects of Harper being in prison, innocent. That hurt. He was free now but it still felt like a life-sentense. He still needed to tell persons of his whereabouts and he could never ever do the things he ever dreamed of.

“There is never no hope. Never.”

On the other side we have Malachi. Malachi hadn’t had an easy life either. He outrun a longterm relationship that had him suffocated. He was left with nothing. No home, no job. Currently he was living with his sister and homophobic brother in law, he had no freedom at all.


Being forced outdoors during the day he meets Harper.

I don’t want to reveal much of the plot other than that Malachi was determined to find a way Harper was innocence.

“But for the record, if I’d had the choice, if you’d given me the choice, I’d chosen you, not that my name be cleared. You ARE what’s important in my life. Freedom tastes like you. Without you, I’m nothing. With you, I’m everything.”

I loved Malachi’s banter with Harper. It was just what he seemed to need. Malachi’s ex-boyfriend Conrad, who eventually helped getting the evidence of Harper being innocent, was weird and for me a bit unbelievable!!

I’ll be reading Conrad’s story because what was he thinking!!!!???