Nothing Like Paris

Nothing Like Paris - Amy Jo Cousins
BR, March 17th with Susan.

We met Jack in the first book Off Campus. He was the asshole bullying Tom Worthington for blaming him for losing all his college money.. His only chance to get away from his former life and be free….

He gets suspended from college and is forced to return home. He meets his former best-(boy)friend Miguel again after being away from home for three years. Miguel holds a grudge because they were supposed to have gone to college together and Jack just left him behind.

This was me while reading this book:


It was good, bad and everything in between… It was just weird writing sometimes.

This story was really a coming-of-age story. Two guys growing up by owning their mistakes and understanding that their behavior had consequences for the other!! It was not so much them coming to grip with being gay… I loved that actually.

Jack was never happy without Mike/Miguel and had been bitter that Miguel quite easily gave up on their dream of “seeing the world together”.

”It had felt like freedom, finding a new crowd and making friends. But the whole thing had been a sham, with him pretending to be something he wasn’t and always faking it, in conversations, fucking guys be barely knew and then nodding at them when he saw them on campus later. Sarcasm and superiority he didn’t feel, weren’t exactly a way to connect with people.”

Miguel is scared to open up his heart again to Jack.. He needs to learn that he can’t save Jack for making mistakes.


In the end I liked the sequel better than “Off Campus” I really came to love Jack and Mike.

“Home would always be where Jack was from now on.”