Blue Days

Blue Days - Mary Calmes, Greg Tremblay description

Cute little novella about a totally unbelievable love story..
Who cares !!!

Greg Tremblay, again did an AWESOME job. Gawd, I love that man’s voice. He is incredible with these Asian voices… But to be honest, I could listen to him reading a telephone-book!!

The plot, yeah....
Dwyer Knolls has been in love with his coworker/boss Takeo Hiroyuki for three years.
Takeo is awkward, funny even, as he doesn’t realize it. Because of his inadequate behavior, he is often misunderstood by people. He is known as the Ice Prince


No one understands him except Dwyer.

“Okay, so it’s twelve thirty now,” a client said, “let’s convene back here at - yes, there in the back row.”
And I knew what Takeo was going to say before it even came out of his mouth.
“It is actually twelve thirty-two,” he corrected. “To be precise, sir.”

And… done. He waited for the thank-you that never came.

He made the correction because, in Takeo’s mind, he didn’t want the client to be wrong, so he brought the error to the client’s attention. He didn’t want the person in charge to be informing people that they had an hour for lunch if they did, in fact, only have fifty-eight minutes. It was completely logical in his mind.

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