Secret - Kindle Alexander
BR, June 9th with Julie and Momo.

The blurb had me freaked out.. Wife, kids!!! Aaaagh..

Thankfully the Secret contained many issues and the “secret” wasn’t kept from his wife, Teri.

This is a sweet story about a man who sacrificed his life for his kids and in doing so he undermines who he really is and the life he really wants to live.

When he travels to California to meet with the Wilder-Nation to get his social media site, Secret sold, he meets Tristan Wilder.



Tristan is openly gay and has always had casual flings and one night stands. Never in a million years did he think that a business meeting would lead him to love and to him becoming a changed man after just one weekend.



Dylan struggles a lot with his identity and is adamant to stay married to his wife until their youngest child goes to college.

I loved how supportive Tristan was of Dylan. He understood the situation he was in and he stood by Dylan. He never gave up on him.

He had never slept with anyone curled so completely around him, yet he found he never wanted Dylan to leave this spot. Dylan was made to lie with him exactly like this. Something told him he’d found his other half and he needed to hang on at all cost. Tristan dragged Dylan in closer, if that were even possible, and closed his eyes, relishing the moment before drifting off, sleeping better than he had in weeks.

The other thing I loved was Tristan’s and Teri’s interaction..
Loved the wife, the kids were very supportive when they were told their fathers and theirs moms secret for that matter!!

The only thing that has been bugging me ever since I finished this book is that I struggle with the concept of sacrificing your life for your kids… Knowing kids always blame themselves, I thought it was a big “burden” for the kids to bear, knowing their parents were so lonely all of these years!!!

But nevertheless, a sweet and sexy story, cause dammn Kindle can write hot, scoarching sex scenes!!