Copping an Attitude

Copping an Attitude - Morticia Knight
BR, January 30th with Sweet Susan

I was excited for this one… As hot as the first installement but throwing in some depth, should make this a great story!! You should think….

The build-up was good. I hurt for Slade. Being thrown out of his home at a young age, Slade became victim of the sex-industry.

“There was no use in crying. He’d figured that out three years before when his staunchly religious parents had kicked him out once they’d caught him kissing his boyfriend.“


One night Slade finds himself almost being arrested. The officer in charge, Parker just can’t get him out of his mind.
Parker rescues Slade when he is severely beaten. Slade ends up in the hospital to recover and Parker decides to take Slade home with him.

Now, at this point this didn’t work for me… As an officer you shouldn’t be allowed to take in a victim, to get emotionally involved.
Lonnie, Slade’s real name had big issues obviously…

I’m all for happy, sappy stories but at least they have to be believable!!
The relationship between Parker and Lonnie developed way to fast…

Didn’t work for me.