Restless Spirits

Restless Spirits - Jordan L. Hawk
BR, January 24th with Julie, Marte and Momo.

4,5 stars

This story totally worked for me!!!

It had just enough romance, suspense and creepiness…

I loved it…..

It’s about Henry Strauss, inventor of the “Electro-Séance”. Henry just needs one haunting to prove his invention works and so forever to control the otherworld. To prove the world has no need of mediums because all of them are frauds.

Then he receives a letter from Dominic Gladfield, to enter a contest to free a castle of its ghosts.

Reyhome Castle has been haunted for years. Ever since the brutal murders that took place there.

Reyhome Castle


Henry meets his rival, mr. Vincent Night. Vincent is a very specially talented medium a clairgustance. Vincent tastes ghosts by the taste he gets in his mouth…

Wanted to say … I do so love the language in historicals!! It just takes me back to the actual time being…

“As always, you miss the point. At first I thought you had no heart at all, but your conduct with your cousin convinced me otherwise. Yet you insist on challenging us - belligerently - on every point. Could you not just quietly stand back for one moment?”

I loved Vincent’s banter..

"There is nothing quite so rousing for a man as to have his bells played with.

And Vincent and Henry together? Sigh ….

The hot “naughty” séance

Need I say more?

Until Henry made this stupid mistake. Because of that we get to experience the extent of discrimination/racism of the 1900’s


All in all works out fine in the end, thankfully...

I can’t wait to read more about Henry’s and Vincent’s adventures in the spiritual world.