The Blinding Light

The Blinding Light - Renae Kaye
BR, July 6th with Momo, Julie, Paul and Nathan.

As much as I adored this book there were a few things that bugged and annoyed me and quite frankly kept me from giving this book 5 freaking stars.

I really liked Jake. Jake was funny. He was caring and he was a hard-working man. I admired him so much for taking responsibility for his siblings and his mother…

Jake is broke. All his money goes to paying off his debts. He is in urgently need of a job. He is offered a housekeeping job for a blind man. This man, Mr. Stanford is rude and arrogant.

Patrick has had tons of housekeepers but he has scared them all away so Jake is the agent's last shot. Every day he leaves Jake a list of instructions.

image the notes....

Dear Mrs. Huntley,

There are two letters to post. I left them on my desk.
Good job yesterday.

I still don’t like your perfume. Change it back.


P. Stanfort

I loved that Jake takes no shit from Mr. Stanford (aka Patrick), doesn’t take anything so personal. He even takes it upon himself to “educate” this man by teaching him some manners!!

“Have you ever thought about being nicer? Then they won’t keep leaving.”

“I am nice!” he cried.

"But you could try putting a couple of pleases and thank-yous in your notes if you want to be nicer.”

“Why? I’m paying them good money, not the other way around. Why should I go out of my way to say please?”

"Why? Because your housekeeper is a bloody human being, Patrick. Manners don’t cost anything. But your lack of manners has cost you several housekeepers by the sound of it."

The guys were really great together. During the book they just kept me smiling…. I liked the slow building of trust and the sweetness of both main characters.


But then at 80% the table turned… Patrick offers to keep Jake as a paying house-husband!! Really? That made me cringe. And it got worse when we got this pregnancy of his mother. I really disliked the woman in manipulating her son in adopting her child. Jake had already given so much of his life and was so ready to finally have a life of his own, doing things he wanted…

“I love my sisters, but I can’t keep putting my life on hold for them. I want you. I want to build my life around you. I want to make you so happy that you never imagined that so much happiness existed. I want to marry you. I want to care for you. I want to grow old with you. I want to get a dog and a cat and even a goldfish that you can’t see.“

All in all it was still a very entertaining story. I loved the witty humor of the guys!!!

“What the hell is this? It feels like a whip with a feather on the end of it.”
“It’s a feather you dangle for a cat to play with,” I growled.
His eyebrows went up. “I like things that dangle too. Do I get to play?”

And most importantly they got their HEA… I’m curious to know what their role will be in the sequel!!!