Pretend - Riley Hart
Pretend is the 3rd installment of the series Blackcreek, so having read the previous books , I wanted this to be a good ending of the series!!

It was good seeing Noah and Cooper (Collide #1) and Wes and Braden (Stay #2). And yay Wes and Braden getting married, made me happy

But…… Mason and Gavin didn’t work for me much.. I never connected with them. There were so many family issues and quite frankly the story just bored me sometimes…


The thing that kept me going was dirty-talk-bossy-bottom-Mason.. The sexual tension between these guys was hot.


“I have never had to pretend with you. Even from the beginning, you knew who I was. I showed that person to you before I did anyone else. You’re more than I deserve. I want you.

"Now's gonna be when you want to kiss me, music man."