If It Fornicates

If It Fornicates - Aleksandr Voinov, L.A. Witt
I read this story right after I finished If It Flies and I loved it…


It was even better.
This time it’s from Nick’s POV.. I was great seeing what was going on that dom’s mind.

If It Flies ended with Nick and Spencer still together but Nick was still a rentboy. I loved that Spencer never judged Nick for being so and just took their relationship a day at a time and just enjoyed each other’s company!

Spencer ruined Nick.. Spencer being the responsive submissive Nick loved. Nick was struggling in his work. He had trouble keeping focused at being the dom for other clients. He kept thinking about Spencer how perfect he was for him…..

He didn’t want to be here tonight. At all. There was one place he wanted to be, and it was neither this extravagant house nor his own tiny flat. His mind was already there, behind the closed door of Spencer’s bedroom...

But he was here tonight. Bought, paid for, and not going anywhere.
No matter how badly he wanted to be with Spencer.


Tristan and Jarred were great in this series but Spencer and Nick were awesome and I will be re-reading these two books over and over again!!!

Highly recommended….