All Fired Up

All Fired Up - Morticia Knight
BR, January 28th with Susan

Susan's review

Let me tell you, this was some smoking hot story!!!

We’ve got a sweet-alpha-hot-male fireman.



Trent loves to carry around his man, the very hot-male cop.


(btw Susan, we’ve picked the same hot guy!!)

Man, these guys fucked like bunnies!!

Sex in the bathroom

Sex on the couch

“Plain-ole” sex in the bedroom

And my favorite the “dirty-talk” sex with

“Do you reach between your legs or around the back to insert it?”
“I… I reach around.” Shawn slowly picked up a rhythm on his dick again. “Easier.”
“Then?” Trent increased the pace on his own throbbing erection.
“I play…play a little. Tease my hole…” Shawn’s eyes were closed, his face flushed.
“Poke it in and out, just past the rim…oh…fuck.”

Fuck indeed!!

Well, that’s about it!!! I had fun anyways :D