Punished By The Dark Unicorn

Punished By The Dark Unicorn - Hunter Fox Weird-shit-wednesday

Back to the roots, babes!!! UnicornPorn…..


Way different than the 1st UnicornPorn: Ravaged By a Unicorn

This story takes place in the beautiful Finland and not Vermont. Here we have a black/purple Unicorn


and not a white one!!! The author loves variation!!

Oh and let’s not forget… This Unicorn produces black/silver semon!!!

Yes People…

The story was exactly the same and had the same after effect with me:


I felt him push his magical horn into me and it felt like nothing I had ever felt before! Instead of being sharp and harsh, it felt like a hard magical pleasure wand, bringing my body to pure ecstasy within seconds.

Yeah, righto….

It was a few seconds more and I came, screaming out, the fog moved away quickly with my breath.

The fog!!??


The Unicorn is not done!!! Nooooo He began humping his face, shoving his dick farther and farther and he came ALL over him. He was covered head to toe with the shiny unicorn cum. He had to wipe his eyes. He could barely see anything, trying to move away the thick fog in front of him and also wipe away the cum from his face simultaneously.


And he lost his clothes… The Unicorn torn them. Poor Adam….

I loved this:
”I finally got back to the cottage, hopping out and stealthily making my way up the back entrance without being seen NAKED..


He sat in the shower, feeling himself and in shock that he had just been fucked by the dark unicorn!!!

Hunter Fox thought this was all we could handle (12 pages). So…