Red Dirt Heart 3

Red Dirt Heart 3 - N.R. Walker
BR, August (re-read of the whole series) with Paul, Momo, Julie and Marcie



BR, October 17th with Carolien, Susan, Julie, Kaylor, Eva, Barbara, Isabel, Trisha, Mel and Marco/description.

This was again a loving, sweet story about Charlie and Travis. Family, work and friends coming together.

Charlie coming to grip with his own “strength”.


“I said I could do this without you. I didn’t say
I did it well,” I told him, and he chuckled into my neck.
“I don’t want to do this without you.”- Charlie

I loved Charlie’s connection with Nugget. He was so sweet and caring..


(…) holding a fussing Nugget and a still full bottle.“He won’t feed. I’ve tried, and Ma tried.
As soon as the little bugger was in my arms, he settled, and as soon as I put the bottle teat near his mouth, he fed like he was starving.I shook my head. Someone laughed. “It’s not funny,” I said, but everyone at the table seemed to think it was.

There were a few scares through out the story and especially the one with Travis going home to the US had me worried.

But in the end it all worked out fine and I will be looking forward to Travis’s POV…

I hope we also find Charlie meeting the parents of Travis and of course a wedding!!

“Promise me forever, Charlie. Tell me we’re in this forever.”

My heart near burst out of my chest. “Forever.”