Untitled Dark Space

Darker Space - Lisa Henry
”Am I your heartbeat again?”
“You always have been."

Pheeuw Brady, Brady…. You weared me down boy!!
I’m so glad you found “the light” at the ending, feeling hope again. Truly embracing what is important to you; Cam and Lucy!

“The universe couldn’t scare me now. The dark couldn’t. Not when all I could feel was love.”

This book picked up right after book one. Brady and Cam living together with Lucy. But Brady still feels scared all the time, never feels good enough for anyone. Having these nightmares all the time about the dark space and Kai-Ren.

And then Brady and Cam realize , and the military, that their connection is back again and they get shipped back again to space to save humanity.

“Shared thoughts, shared memories, shared feelings, shared pain.
Humans weren’t meant to exist like that. We weren’t built for that.”

I was glad finally understanding what and why things happened with Kai-Ren and Cam.


Lisa, I hope it won’t take so long for the next installment for I’m dying to know what will happen on Kai-Ren’s space ship with Brady, Cam, Lucy some others AND Doc!!

I’ll be waiting..