Keep Swimming

Keep Swimming - Kade Boehme Hmmm I don’t know.. This was a short cute read but something was missing for me!!

I loved Cary and his son Gus. Heath did grow on me a bit but I didn’t really warm up to him..

Heath’s friend Kyle I liked as only one of the side-characters… Didn’t care much for the others

I thought the ending was a bit lame, definitely no HEA, more a HFN Heath giving Cary a key to his new home and Heath willing to get a dog!! pfft So, I was disappointed in this but probably there wasn’t enough time and pages for them.

My favorite quote:

“He knew, though. It’d been that first trip on the boat. He remembered the fleeting thought that he would sell all his worldly possessions if it meant a lifetime of days like that one day. He hadn’t been looking for it, didn’t need to be fixed or changed, didn’t require a family or love to survive. But now he’d had it and he wanted to keep it. He fucking wanted it and he wanted it with Cary and Gus Whitmore.”