Shock & Awe

Shock & Awe  - Abigail Roux
BR, with Marte, Momo and Julie. (Re-read for me)

(for all the pain we endured in T & G)

Well..... I had so much fun and this was even better than the first time so I'm gonna pump it up with one star!!

This was hot and sweet at the same time.... I love these guys together!!


Who am I kidding, I love all these guys of the C&R /Sidewinder series....

"Does this mean I get to say I love you and you have to say it back?"
Nick chuckled. "Yeah. That's what it means."
"I love you, Nick O'Flaherty."
Nick's heart jumped into his throat. He was grinning so widely it huut his split lip.
"I love you. You crazy basterd."


first-read 2013, December 2nd - 3 stars