Trusted Bond

Trusted Bond - Mary Calmes, Jeff Gelder
description - Narrator - Jeff Gelder

* 2,5 nekhene stars *

I’ve never been so happy finishing an audio!!!


But I made it… It’s not that I hated it but dammmmmmn the story was just too complicated for me..

I mean… the names Reah, semel, sheseru, wosret, heru-ur, khonsu, Shu, semel-netjer,……


But aside from that, I loved Jin and Logan’s romance. I didn’t like them being apart for so long because of the kidnapping. That was crazy btw and his turning in not even a werepanther but a nekhene cat….

My favorite quote was;

“I’m your mate! There is nothing or no one I care about more than you, but first, before anything, I am semel to your reah. Your semel! If you’re hurt, you call me. If you’re sad, you call me. If you need protection or love or… anythingn - you call me! I am the one you turn to for all things. No one else, only me!”

So much happened in this book, I’ll have to take a breather!!